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The projects are many

The book on the 70's "Lead and Bubbles" of which Ketoff is the "file rouge", (probably published by Skira), will be presented by Sotheby's and on that occasion an exhibition will be staged with short films on Michele's works and a flash on him. Then other presentations will follow in Venice where he also spent short periods, and in Ibiza where has lived many months.

Between the end of August and the beginning of September the film

"Inte / rations

inte / g / rations" is screened at Palermo on the occasion of the Venetian Prize.

With many of his significant pictorial contributions.

The archive Michele Ketoff has taken the initiative by introducing exhibitions and organizing workshops in the primary and secondary schools in the Balearic Islands, where the artist lived many years. 
Once a year students are going to receive the prize “OUT OF THE BOX” in order to stimulate creativity in a heterogeneous call for proposal. In the program “CHICOS DEL COLE” students get involved in shows made up by Michele’s installations and cartoons in the open air or in the recreation spaces of the colleges. First the artist will be presented together with some of his subjects, then the students will be inspired and will be free to express what has stimulated them and finally they are asked to release their creativity by drawing something. The most significant drawings will be awarded each year with the Michele Ketoff prize “OUTSIDE THE BOX”. The subjects that are going to be proposed and developed the first year are “Vanity”, “Fragility” and “Fear”.


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